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AHPC 2022 Competition Subject Definitions


  • We strongly encourage you, well ahead of each competition date, to carefully consider the definitions and then research ideas and potential photographic techniques for each of categories. Note that this year the categories are intentionally broad to encourage everyone to participate. At the same time we want to encourage members to go beyond their ‘specialties’.
  • Where possible competition categories and briefs will be tutored on Club nights prior to the competition dates. If you have any questions regarding these definitions or other aspects of the competitions, then please don't hesitate to contact one of the Committee members.
  • Please follow the Competition Rules on sizing, mounting and submitting. 
  • In the 2022 competition we have not chosen subjects, such as Documentary, where post processing other than basic correction, is generally not allowed. Therefore, any post-processing is acceptable as long as you both captured the original image and did all the subsequent adjustments, if you so choose.
  • This is in recognition of the fact that post is simply another, increasingly powerful tool photographers can use in realizing our vision. In fact, the only way to ensure that some post processing has not occurred, even inadvertently by the camera ‘smarts’, would be to only accept transparencies.
  • Please remember that non-AHPC competitions may have tighter definitions so you will always need to be compliant with their rules if you enter those.
  • Remember that monochrome doesn't have to be Black, White and Greys, it can be White and shades of any single colour.


The following are the Competition Subject Definitions which have been approved by the Program sub-committee for 2022


March 9 Competition


Digital Colour - Summer

Digital Mono – Summer

A great opportunity to capture images that express the Summer season to you. It could be a portrait of people enjoying the Summer outdoors, images of flowers and plants that are in season in Summer, boats sailing with Summer breeze, desert beauty or whatever gives you the feeling of Summer.


April 27 Competition


Digital Colour - Coastal

Digital Mono - Coastal

The subject can be any type of coastal image you can imagine - It could be a Seascape (or a Landscape image that includes the coast), images of sea birds, images of shells, footprints in the sand, beach architecture or anything that captures the essence of our great coastal areas. 


June 8 Competition


Digital Colour - Macro and/or Flash

Digital Mono - Macro and/or Flash

Any subject you want to choose as long as it is a close up. That can be simply taken as close as you can get and then perhaps cropping. It doesn't have to meet the formal definition of a macro image. The digital competition category is good for this because we only ask for a 2.5 megapixel shot to be submitted – if you have a 20MP camera then that leaves a lot of room for cropping to effectively increase the size of your subject. Alternatively, you might have some magnifying filters, extension tubes or even a macro lens to allow your subject to fill the frame. This is an ideal opportunity to bring out your flash to light the close up subject.

Late Note from the Competition Secretary - ".....the two subjects are Macro and Flash and the flash images do not need to be macros."


October 26 Competition


Digital Colour - Open

Digital Mono - Open

 You choose the subject.  Use your creativity and imagination to capture an image of your choosing.


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