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AHPC Competition Rules (2022)



  • Any member who is currently financial is eligible and encouraged to enter Club competitions.
  • Members may only submit images that are their own, i.e. that were photographed and processed by themselves. Every submission will be taken as an assertion that you own the copyright to that image.
  • Prints may still be made by third parties but only from files you prepare and are printed without undue modification.


Competition Nights

  • The Committee will determine dates and subjects for competition events, arrange judges, and make awards as appropriate.
  • Details for competitions in 2022 may be found on the Competition Subject Definitions page.


Competition Secretary

  • The Committee will appoint a Competition Secretary to administer all competition processes.
  • The Competition Secretary may seek assistance from other members as required.


Suitability of Images

  • Images containing obscene, racist, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content cannot be accepted. 
  • The President and Competition Secretary have the right to reject any images considered to be inappropriate.


Categories and Entry Limits

  • Members may enter images in any or all of the categories at each competition.
  • The maximum number of entries in any category will be detailed by the Competition Secretary when distributing the link for entry submission.
  • An individual image may be entered in only a single category.
  • Do not include watermarks in any competition images. 
  • Aspect ratios of images are at the discretion of the photographer - dimension constraints are defined below.  


Print Sizing

  • Minimum standard print size of 200 x 150 mm (8 x 6 inches). 
  • Maximum standard print size of 483 x 330 mm (19 x 13 inches, ie, A3+). 
  • Maximum panorama print size of 600 x 300 mm (24 x 12 inches).  A panorama must be at least twice as wide as it is high. 
  • All prints must be mounted in a matte or on card to facilitate hanging.  Framed prints are unable to be accepted due to space and safety considerations.


Digital Sizing

  • Maximum image size must be 1920 pixels (horizontal) by 1080 pixels (vertical) which gives the optimal digital image when projected.
  • Image files need to be in JPEG format with a maximum file size of 2.5MB
  • Colour space should be sRGB.
  • A border is recommended to create separation from the projected black background. (Note that this needs to be included in the maximum size and can be as narrow as 2-4 pixels).
  • Information regarding the sizing of images, JPEG, and sRGB can be found on our Links page.


Monochrome (Mono) Images

  • An image containing shades of only one colour.  If toning is carried out, it must be over the total photograph - partial toning and/or the addition of one extra colour is not acceptable as a monochrome image.


Image Preparation

  • Each category for a given competition will include a description of the required subject matter. 
  • Open means that you can create an image with subject matter of your own choosing.
  • All film and digital post-processing techniques and methods are acceptable in all categories unless explicitly restricted for a particular competition category as per the published Subject Definition.
  • Computer generated objects such as text, geometric shapes etc are not part of the photographic process and can not be included in an image unless the Subject Definition allows it.


Submitting Competition Entries

  • The club uses PhotoComp software for the submission of competition entries. The Competition Secretary will distribute the web link for the upload of digital competition entries.
  • Print entries must also be submitted in digital form as per the digital sizing requirements.


Submissions to Other Competitions

  • The club encourages members to enter other competitions, such as the SAPF Annual competition.
  • However, these rules only apply to our club. Other competitions may have significant variations so potential entrants are encouraged to check their rules carefully to ensure compliance.


Judging and Acceptance

  • Images will be assessed by a suitably experienced independent judge who will award a score of up to 10 for every image and the Competition Secretary will maintain a record.
  • Images that have been awarded 8 or more may not be re-entered in any subsequent internal Club competitions.
  • All Club competition images will be considered for entry into inter-club competitions and may be used for club promotional purposes. It will be assumed that permission is given for images to be used for these purposes unless the photographer advises otherwise.
  • Images will be kept on file and high-resolution versions of those images may be requested in preparation for use by the club as above. 



  • Be sure to check the presentation styles (Print/Digital, Colour/Mono) specified for each competition. 
  • It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their entries conform to the competition rules prior to submission.
  • The President and Competition Secretary have discretion over inclusion/exclusion of entries deemed to comply or not comply with category specifications.
  • The Competition Rules have been determined by the Committee. Suggestions for revisions may be considered by the Committee as required, or at any General Meeting of members.
  • You are welcome to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any competition-related questions, including  options for submitting digital images by means other than email.



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