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Photo examples and Video Tutorials for our

upcoming workshops and competitions


 Low-Key (25 July, 8 August)

Low-key Portraits (10’49”)






Video Tutorials on Camera Basics


Camera controls (5’27”)

Apertures/F Stops (2’30”)

ISO (5’02”)

Shutter speed (3’48”)

Shutter speed and Aperture (2’27”)

How to use ISO (9’24”)

Depth of Field (6’13”)

Metering Modes (10’56”)

Using the camera light meter 1 (3’23”)

Using the light meter 2 (5’15”)

White Balance (9’34”)

Exposure Compensation (5’49”) 

Histograms (9’10”)



Camera Basics Plus


How to Re-Size Images for Email, Web, and Competition

          For PC, see: FastStone Image Viewer and FastStone Resizer ... here

How to resize on a Mac

How to resize on a PC (11'12”)


Best Free Digital Image Viewers  

Digital image viewers

Several AHPC members use FastStone Image Viewer; see Brian.

Bulk Image Renaming

Image renaming

If interested see Brian.



Circular Polarizing Filter

How to use a circular polarizing filter (10’36”)

Neutral Density Filter

How to use an ND filter (4'57”)



Camera flash for beginners (4'08")

Basic portrait setups with one light

Rembrandt lighting

Bounce flash (6'10")

Fill flash (4'12")

Fill flash with high speed sync (5'15")



Getting started (2'00")

Slow motion effects (10'35")

Slow motion DSLR video (7'27")

Slow motion BMX jump (7'26")


Image Bit-Depth, Resolution, File Size 

Image bit-depth, what does it mean?

Image Resolution and File Size



Tripods for Wildlife and Landscape Photography



Notes on Composition


Horizon placement

Horizon placement affects perceived depth



Local Introductory and Advanced Courses on

    cameras, photography and digital editing


Digital Photography School

Courses in all aspects of photography. Free tutorials and tips for extending experience.


Janelle Belling

1 Euston Rd, Aldgate
ph: 8391 2747email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also recommended: a one-on-one session for basic computing and problem solving for 1 hour at a small fee by appointment 


University of the 3rd Age (U3A, Murraylands)

Has beginner computer and photo editing courses throughout the year at Murray Bridge (ph: 8532 5330)


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